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Web Design Sungai Petani

SEO Tips for Businesses in the Tourism Industry

Sungai Petani is the largest town in the Malaysia state of Kedah. The town enjoys close proximity to Penang and is about 33 km northeast of George Town, the state capital of Penang. Consequently, Sungai Petani logistic needs are well served by the sophisticated transport infrastructure of the neighboring state.

The town has a rapidly growing economy, which has especially been fuelled by its heavy industrialization. Many local and international firms have set up plants around Sungai Petani. The town hosts many massive malls and franchise stores which target locals and foreigners alike. Major malls and shopping centres in Sungai Petani include Giant Hypermarket, Amanjaya Mall, Billion, Sungai Petani South Tesco, Lagenda Height Tesco, and Parkson, among others.

The North-South Expressway connects Sungai Petani to other major towns in the region. The area is also served by a long-distance bus service. If you prefer air transport, Sungai Petani can be conveniently accessed from either Penang International Airport or Sultan Abdul Halim Airport. The town is also easily accessible using the North-South Expressway (E1).

If you are traveling on a budget, Sungai Petani has a myriad of inexpensive and cheerful hotels which have a lot to offer, especially in terms of hospitality and conventional locations. The hotels have websites where you can easily book rooms online and make reservations. Sungai Petani offers high economic potential, especially in the tourism industry. It is a popular destination, especially for tourists interested in historical themes, Ecotourism and Aqua sports.

I thought I would share some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) insight for all businesses in Sungai Petani and other regions that rely heavily on travel and tourism. Search Engine Optimization; whether paid or organic, is critical to your bottom-line and total business revenue, in today’s highly competitive tourism and travel sector.

The digital market is becoming very competitive, especially as more and more businesses adopt well-crafted websites to attract more customers. Consequently, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the digital market trends that are highly recommended for your website in order to gain more visibility.

Business owners want their websites to rank high on search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo. SEO can significantly enhance your web traffic, especially when done correctly. Hiring the right professionals helps you understand the ins and outs of the process.

Using Google Analytics to Measure Performance

Truth is, Search Engine Optimization is not all about ranking. Using Google Analytics, you can easily measure SEO success. You should aim at increasing your organic traffic and subsequently making more money. With the right expertise, website owners are able to enhance their conversion metrics.

Quality over Quantity

When it comes to business websites, especially for tourism businesses, you don’t need a lot of unnecessary web pages. Therefore, you should focus on the quality rather than the quantity of the web pages. Your content should be top-notch in order to attract more visitors and improve your conversion rates. You want each of your online visitors to be immediately hooked to your website.

User Experience

Every web designer should think critically about the user experience. When it comes to Google ranking algorithm, the importance of website engagement cannot be overstated. You should ensure your website has a fast load time in order to enhance the user experience, besides increasing page views per visit. According to GoMedia, a positive user experience is the most fundamental factor for 95% of users when they visit a website.

Make Sure It’s Mobile-Friendly

To maintain a competitive edge, your site must be fully mobile optimized. Having a website that is not mobile friendly significantly declines your organic traffic. According to Infront Webworks, 72% of internet users prefer mobile-friendly websites. Majority of people use smartphones to check on the next destinations to visit. Customers should be able to reliably make purchases and bookings using your website.

Good Content with the Right Keywords

One of the fundamentals of a great SEO strategy is quality content. You should build a connection with your potential customers, and aim at adding value to their travel arrangements. It is important that website owners know what travelers are looking for, and thus come up with quality keywords. Generating quality content will attract your site visitors to come back for more. Also, good quality helps earn you backlinks.

Besides the On-site SEO tips, you should also consider making some changes to enhance your Off-Site SEO. For example, it is important to have a solid Google My Business account. You should verify and optimize the account with a brand and location page. With top-notch local SEO, Google is more likely to rank your content high on search results.

Also, you should network with relevant influencers in the industry and have some quality backlinks. It’s important to verify that your backlinks are clean and subsequently getting rid of any suspicious websites linking to you. SEO affects all the aspects of your marketing strategy. SEO professionals should aim at enhancing the overall experience of a searcher, from the moment they enter a search query.

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