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As Your Website Designer in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor We Will Show You How To : Get Free Targeted Search Engine Traffic To Your Site Through Search Engine Optimization


One of the best reasons of having your business website online is that you can benefit from the hundreds and even thousands of searches done on major search engine such as, and for similar products and services that you are offering and send those free organic search traffic to your website or online shopping cart store.

Think about it.

Let’s take for example.

Web Designer Malaysia

Say Johnny wants to take his family out for dinner tonight at Petaling Jaya. But he doesn’t know where to take them and goes to Google to search for some suggestions. He types in “Restaurants in Petaling Jaya” in the search box and the following Search Engine Result Page – also known as “SERP” will show up as below.

Web Designer Malaysia

Notice that there are two categories of results in the search engine results page – Paid Search Results and Free Search Results.

Now if you are a big multinational have a whole lot of marketing Ringgit to burn, you can always opt for the easy way and pay your way to reach your customers. In fact, paying for leads and traffic online can be an excellent marketing strategy to bring in new sales and revenue for companies. We will cover paid searches in detail in another section together with our service and web design packages offer. We will also cover Revamping and Redesigning Your Website in another article.

However, not all small and medium sized businesses have the luxury and deep pockets as compared with the multinational companies. More often than not, these smaller companies have limited budget to spend on additional marketing efforts outside of their ongoing offline marketing strategies such as Newspaper Ads, Flyers, Direct Selling, Direct Mail, etc.

So what exactly can these small businesses do?

The answer is: They can take advantage of the Free Organic Search Engine Results listing!

The answer is so easy, and a no brainer that you would think that it is common sense! But common sense is not so common these days.

Think about it.. Are you taking advantage of these free search listing currently? I am willing to bet that most probably at best, you probably have a website but it is not getting the online traffic that you desire and at worst, you do not even have a website and an online presence yet for your business!

Talk about common sense.

Which is why we really believe in in the web design services that we are offering. We know that quite often, there are many people out there that makes the whole online marketing process more complicate than it needs to be, just so that they can charge a few extra bucks and look smart.

However, we are here to take something complicated and at times confusing and make it simple for you, putting all of the individual components into a convenient, high value package, and delivering the results that will bring success, more sales and revenue to your business.

So what are the steps that can help you get high ranking organic search results? Its really simple!

Step 1: Build your website.

Step 2: Provide great information.

Step 3: Search Engine Optimization.

Step 4: Track and measure.

I’ll explain in more details below:

Step 1: Build your website.

First of all, your business will need to have a website that is of high quality and attractive to prospects visiting your website which makes them wants to do business with you. Let me give you an example.

Below is a website for our client, Tadika Sinaran Montessori located in Miri, Sarawak. Anyone who searches for the keywords – Tadika in Miri, Montessori in Miri, Kindergarten in Miri, or Preschool in Miri would likely find our client’s website listed at or near the top of the organic search engine results page. Our Web Development strategy also targets a specific area such as a city for its products and services. We will talk more about this in another section.


Web Designer Malaysia

Web Designer Malaysia

Now, compare my client’s website to that of the next competitor’s website in the free search listing:

Web Designer Malaysia

Web Designer Malaysia

See the difference? If you were looking for a kindergarten in the city of Miri, Sarawak, which would you most likely call to make an appointment? The result is clear and it is a no contest. A professionally built website is the first step towards converting your online prospects into your clients.

Which brings us to:

Step 2: Provide great information

Think about it. Why do you go online to make search? The answer is: To find useful information to solve your particular problem or issue. It is the same for your prospects. So outside of building a very attractive website, we also have to provide great content and information that users will find useful. The more informative your website is, the better your chances that more prospects will be visiting your sites as you are providing the information that can solve their problems. Your website should also include a portfolio of relevant but beautiful pictures portfolio which will impress your visitors further.

You should also make the website really interesting and engages your visitor’s attention so that they will spend more time in your website. This way, they will be spending more time with your brand, your offerings which will breed familiarity. People like to buy from people they know and are familiar with. You should include video marketing as part of your overall traffic generation strategy. You can insert these videos creatively into the pages of your website wherever it can enhance the points that you are making to you visitors or you can create a video portfolio page where all of your videos will be stored for easy viewing.

Next we will look the crucial component to rank highly in the Free Searches Listing:

Step 3: Engine Optimization Optimization

SEO is basically just the process and strategies that is being used to make your website easier to be ranked and found on the search engine results page. The higher your rank on the SERP, the higher the chance that your customer will find you.

Ever heard of the saying: “Build a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door?” Well’ they never told your the rest of the story. It goes like this… “How will the world beat a path to your door if they don’t even know you exist!”

It is the process whereby we make your website visible and ranked as highly as possible, preferably within page one of the free Organic Search Engine Result Page for the keyword that your prospects are looking for. Without this crucial step, it is unlikely that you can take full advantage of the free search listing results.

Next we will look at:

Step 4: Track and measure your results.

As with all successful marketing plan implementation, the key to knowing if the money spent on marketing is producing the desired results is to track and measure the results closely. We were told in school that for every action, there is always a measurable reaction. Turn out your Form 1 science teacher was right all along! We will monitor and keep track of the results that your website is getting – whether it is achieving its desired goals. Adjustments will be made where necessary so that your website is pulling in new clients which will subsequently increase your sales and revenue.

That’s it! It’s not so complicated now that we have laid it step-by-step for you isn’t it? ­čÖé

We make it even better for you. Take advantage of our full 100% Money Back Guarantee offer today!

Web Designer Malaysia

Next, we will look at how you can use your website to reach a specific target market such as a country, state, or even small town. Case Study

We were able to attract a total of 5755 unique visitors to our site in the 16 months that the website was online.
Attracted 5755 unique visitors over a period of 16 months of which more than 30% are targetted traffic from search engine.

In the screen grab above, you can see that in between the period of 16 months, we were able to attract a total of 5755 unique visitors to the website.

The Challenge

The challenge when we were building were initially monumental. This was a new company without any prior web presence. The owner of this website wanted to offer services in the Oil & Gas niche ranging from Sea Vessels Brokering and Chartering, Manpower Supply and Vessel Scrap dealing and wanted to attract only free prospects and leads.

The Solution

We achieved the website’s target by first 1) Building a fully functional and great looking webpage and 2) Attracting FREE organic Google search engine traffic by engineering a detailed and on going Search Engine Optimization program and constantly tweak the effectiveness of the website steering it towards its goals.

Clients from Malaysia and Singapore are targetted from the organic search results.

In the screen grab above, you can see that out of 5755 users who have visited the site, the majority of the visitors are from Malaysia, which is the target market of the website. manage to pull in 3958 visitors from its primary target market, which is about 69% of total visitors in that period.

Target market are geographically targetted effectively.

In the screen grab above, you can see that website was able to reach out to its primary market target effectively which is within Malaysia. We can help your website target a specific area within 5-10KM radius from your store front, within a postcode, within a town or city, state or even a specific country.

Guarantee_Badge_10 Only Used Free Search Engine Traffic

This website was able to reach its target audience without forking out any money for paid advertising and relying mainly on free search results by utilizing Search Engine Optimization. Your company can benefit from this too.

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