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Website Marketing Funnel Malaysia

Why You Need Website Marketing Funnel

As effective as it is, a lot of people are not aware of the technique called website marketing funnel. In case you are just getting to hear the term for the first time, website marketing funnel is the list of steps needed for conversion. It is the list of steps every a visitor will take from visiting your website to the point of checking out.

Steps involved in a website marketing funnel

For instance, for an e-commerce site where products are sold like Amazon, here are the likely steps towards conversion.

  • Customer visits the website
  • Customer goes to the section of the interested product
  • Customer clicks on the product to get more information about it
  • Customer adds the product to cart
  • He finally checks out

Now, you may wonder why it is called the website marketing funnel. After all, there is nothing funnel-like in the explanation. Here is the answer. It is called a funnel because the numbers of customers keep dropping from stage to stage. Not all the customers that visited the site will eventually go to a particular section. Not all the customers that visited a section will select a product in that section.

The figure keeps dropping gradually until it gets to the checkout stage. On the average, the number of customers that will eventually check out will be a small percentage of the ones that visited the site. This percentage is known as conversion rate.

So, the major advantage of marketing funnel is to easily improve your sales. By figuring out the number of customers that drops from one step to another, you will be able to figure out where most of the problems lie.

Where we come in

We don’t only develop a website, we will also include market funneling functionality that will make it easy for you to analyze. It is part of the main function known as web analytic. With the function, you will get the number of people that visited the site, the number of people that viewed each of your products and the number of people that added each product to their carts and most importantly, you will get to know the number of people who eventually paid for each of your products.

We won’t just install marketing funnel feature in your website, we can even run the service for you. We will figure out the stages where you usually lose most of your customers and we will also proffer likely solutions. This is why we are different from others. We literarily work and walk with our clients until they attain their goals.


In conclusion, we offer a complete package to our clients. In addition to web design, we offer marketing funnel, digital marketing, SEO, and content building services to our clients. This is probably the secret of our award winning streak. Why don’t try us out today? Get in touch!